The Wonderful World of Event Planning


The Lucrative World of Event Planning

The event planning industry is doing amazingly well these days. Studies have revealed that it accounts for the expenditure of $500 billion every year. Dr. Jeff Goldblatt, founder of the International Special Events Society and a writer in The International Dictionary of Event Management, says is present face is so lucrative that just about any event can be easily financed.

Joining the World of Event Planning

This is also why professional it is also a lucrative career choice. There are many universities that offer degree or certificate programs for people who want to enter this profession. To the end of education and perfecting your trade, there are always great books on the subject coming out. Reading up on the profession is something you will want to keep doing throughout your career. Before you start up a celebrity event planner, you will want to do some research to see how much it will cost you. This will vary per where you live. But this is not the only budgeting consideration. You will also need to consider your own tastes and expectations. You will also want to consider the fact that it is usually not a 9-to-5 every day of the week job. Most event planners just do events in the evenings, weekends, and holidays. And depending on your area of business, you will probably find that there are some seasons of the year that usually don’t have many gigs at all. It may also be helpful to specialize in a certain kind of event. To decide on something, do some research to see what kind of event is usually the most popular in your area. During this research phase talk to vendors, area suppliers, and other local event planners. This has not always been the case. It was not that many years ago that the average profit margin was only about 15%. But it has risen much since that time and continues to do so. The average right now is around 40%. This percenteage is expected to rise in the face of the fact that Baby Boomers are starting to have kids get married and to have very important anniversary’s in their own marriages. There are quite a few things that a special event might include these days like fairs, parades, weddings, conferences, meetings, graduations, product launches, political rallies, fashion shows, memorials, or civic events. And this list is certainly not exhaustive, but is just an example.


Details of the Sectors of Event Planning

There are some particularly important sectors. A big sector of event planning lies in the charity and non-profit areas. In addition, one of the very biggest areas are companies that commonly host stuff like trade shows, conventions, company picnics, holiday parties, and special meetings. This sector is huge with experts estimating there are at least a million business-related special events every year. But if you are not a professional event planner and don’t have any skills in that area, be able to recognize this so that you can hire a planner who can put on a good event for you. While many professionals set out to make it their profession from the get go, many fell into it gradually after finding they had a natural gift for it. Many eased in from similar event professions like catering or event hosting. Planners of these events will usually first spend some time doing some research. They will then begin doing the various things involved in arranging for food, décor, entertainment, transportation and lodging accommodation details, sending invitations, and managing the event personnel. All of these things will themselves require a whole lot of detail oriented things.


Hire for Event Planning

If you are a client hiring a planner to plan the event for you, you will want to let them know the specifics of your vision: The tone, size, and budget for the event. In fact, it is very desirable to have a very open and clear communication with your planner as soon as you have hired him or her. Inadequate communication between client and planner has resulted in a good many events to be planned wrong. It is also good if you have employees working for you or partners working with you. They can brainstorm with you and share ideas. Keep a file of your best ideas, both yours, your partners, and employees. To back these up take photos and sketches so that you can present them to clients when you want to utilize the idea. If you work with one or more partners, one person should be designated to make final decisions and be the primary contact person. There is also many helpful software programs that are specifically designed for event planners. But there is a vast difference in prices and therefore in quality. The prices out there vary wildly from $100 to several thousand. Some of the best software programs out there include Eventbrite, Regpack, Grenadine Events, and SimpleTix.


The Professional Qualifications of Event Planning

When hiring, make sure the person you hire has a degree or certificate in the field and is a Certified Special Events Professional by ISES or a Certified Meeting Planner by MPI. This is one reason why either of these last two are also very important to have if you are a professional event planner since acquiring either is difficult and possessing either shows clients that you are a true professional event planner. While there are always plenty of jobs to be had for event planners who do not have these designations, only a planner with one of these designations can expect to the planning for the many top events. To find a worthy planner for your event, it is a good idea to do some networking to get a feel for who friends and acquaintances are using and hiring. But the best professional event planners will be easy to find because they will have great advertising with brochures, a mailing list, ads in magazines, and often even a website