Marketing Advice

When it comes to marketing, there is a multifaceted gem where people see only a lump of coal, so to speak. What I mean is that marketing is boiled down by the layperson to simply advertising. However, marketing entails several factors; ads are just one. Other factors include focus testing and branding, among others. Therefore, marketing is an incredibly important part of any business and commerce as a whole. Therefore it can make or break a business, so you have to get it right to forge a successful business. Your marketing, in all of its forms, are your customers’ first impression of your and your business, and you only get one first impression per customer (pun intended). Therefore, it behooves us to do our marketing research in advance to stand a better chance of assembling this vital puzzle. Here are some marketing tips to help you get started.

First and foremost, there’s branding. Branding is somewhat like advertising, as it were. Both are intended to convey the mission statement of your company, summarized of course, to the public in order to attract business. Branding, though, begins at your place of business and on your website. The color scheme associated with your place of business and website is the first factor of branding. Successful branding often uses blue or other colors. This is because these colors tend to have a calming effect on people. This is one of many choices that define your image to potential customers. Other include fonts, logos, mascots, and slogans. All of these things are intended to accomplish two important things. The first is to invite customers inot your place of business or onto your website. The second is to inform customers and potential customers what services or goods your provide.

Next, there is the matter of demographics and focus groups. Establishing a target demo is step one of marketing. Once you know who your product or service is for, generally speaking, you know a little bit about how to tell them they want your product or service in particular.Then, there’s the matter of focus groups and focus testing. A focus group will be a sampling of the target demo who essentially preview your products, services, branding, etc. These groups provide a sort of preview to you, as well, of how your demographic will generally feel about your product prior to release in order to make improvements before distribution.

Marketing is way more work than most of us realize. Thinking it’s only ads does a huge disservice to the industry/ Regardless of motivation, marketers make the world just a little more likeable for us. They deserve a tour with Best of Orlando for all your hard work.